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The Power of Nature


Leading Manufacturer & Developer of Commercial Hydrokinetic Turbines

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Whether to reduce remote communities’ reliance on fossil fuels, add to an existing mix of grid connected power sources or to provide power where none currently exists, we believe in environmentally responsible energy solutions that harness the power available from nature.

News & Updates

New Energy Announces C$5 Million Flow-Through LP Offering

New Energy Installs Cables and Anchor Blocks at Sagkeeng First Nation

“Powering our future with Canada’s rivers and tides”

Check out the latest initiative from Marine Renewables Canada to learn more about the benefits of hydrokinetic power generation and the opportunity available in Canada!

The Hydrokinetic Advantage


Harnessing the power available in natural flowing water, hydrokinetic power generation offers a consistent and predictable energy source that can generate power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


    Our EnviroGen systems generate power as water flows through a vertically-oriented turbine causing rotation regardless of water direction. These systems have been designed for flexible deployment (floating, fixed, free flow and ultra-low head, and independent of flow direction) and require minimal maintenance.


    Industry consulting, feasibility studies, site assessments and much more, New Energy’s scope of supply includes a variety of services and support, along with the commercial sale of hydrokinetic turbines.


    From powering remote schools and monestry’s high up in the mountains of the Himalaya’s, to negotiating multi-year power purchase agreements as an Independent Power Producer, New Energy has nearly 20 years of experience navigating the waters of the hydrokinetic power generation industry.